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The Complete Picture

  • Up to one full day of shooting

  • Unlimited stories

  • All the images from each story

  • Retouching for your favorite 90

  • Social media and website optimization if needed

  • Unlimited web AND print usage for all images

Frequently Asked Questions

What is personal branding?

“Your brand is what other people say about you when you aren’t in the room” – Jeff Bezos, CEO + founder of Amazon

Your personal brand, in short, is you. It’s how you decide to present yourself to your audience. Adventurer, cook, dog-lover, bottle cap collector, candlestick maker – all the things that make you unique can be part of your personal brand. People more readily invest their time and money if they feel like they know the person behind the company.

What is a personal brand “story”

Each story is a part of what makes your brand you. Which of your rituals, routines, loves, or activities do you want to share with your audience? For example, you want to show how family quality time is important to you. Stories that could reflect this are your Saturday morning pancake routine with the kids, board game night, walk/playing in your favorite place as a family. 

How do the image subscription plans work?

When signing up for a personal brand subscription, you will be agreeing to a year-long contract with quarterly personal brand sessions. The number of images you receive depends on which level subscription you choose when booking. Subscription levels can’t be changed quarter to quarter, but you will have the opportunity to add more images if you need them. Subscription clients get priority scheduling for preferred dates or times of the month. 

What if I just want one photo?

It sounds like a simple headshot session would be perfect for you. You can choose up to two images to use across social media, your website, and business cards etc. Keep in mind, headshots are a little more traditional stylistically. While they can be true to your personality, they will be less story-driven than a personal brand photography session.

What is included in “web-only” usage?

If you choose a package with a web-only release it means that you can use your photos anywhere on the internet, including all social media sites, websites, blogs, emails etc. Web-only release does not include the rights to print for any purposes. Upgrading to a print release is an option if you need it.

Do I have to pay the full year contract up front to book a subscription plan?

No. Depending on which subscription level you choose, a deposit will be due upon booking, and then automated monthly payments will be scheduled for the remaining balance. HOWEVER, if you choose to pay your full contract amount at the time of booking, you will receive a 10% discount.

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